Reliable emergency power supplies should be used everywhere

Our references range from regional companies to well-known international corporations. In the last 60 years, more than 10,000 systems have been produced, which can be found ready for operation at any time in over 80 countries worldwide. With our experience and large flexibility we are able to realise your preferences and demands. We are active in the following areas, among others:

Medical facilities

A power failure means more than darkness. The uninterrupted, immediate restoration of the power supply can save lives in certain situations. We are proud that we are one of the leading providers of emergency power supplies for hospitals and clinics in Germany.

Public and commercial facilities

No matter whether it is a football stadium with tens of thousands of fans or a bakery that bakes fresh rolls every day. With our individual systems we can offer capacities from 50 kVA to 4000 kVA allowing every customer to choose the optimal solution for his needs to protect himself from blackout and major financial loss.

Municipal facilities:

Over time we have become one of the leading and independent manufacturers in our industry. With the manufacture of our technically and qualitatively high-grade products and the development of individual system solutions, we have earned a very good reputation over more than 60 years.For years, customers from the municipal sector, such as town halls, sewage associations, public utilities, fire brigades and police have trusted us.

Data centres and telecommunications

Not only the visible things are important in our society. Data centres, telecommunications and other similar facilities ensure that the world is constantly moving in an invisible way. If a power failure or disconnection from the public grid should occur in these facilities, enormous financial and far-reaching economic damage could occur within seconds. Our safe and modern systems can protect you from this.

Industries and power plan

Power supply is essential in these industries. Every company and the customer's wishes are unique. In addition to securing an existing power supply, our generator sets are also used in areas where no regular power supply would otherwise be available. Frequently, exceptional climatic conditions, such as extreme temperatures or critical installation sites, must be taken into account. Our generator sets, installed in deserts, in perpetual ice or on mountains, function reliably and provide the desired performance, taking all local requirements into account. You can rely on our solutions and products for your secured electrical supply, custom-tailored for you.