Mobile Generator Sets designed as Trailers

Mobile Diesel Generating Sets designed as 1- to 3-axle trailers are used particularly in the lower and medium power range

30 kVA Generating Set on a weight reduced 1-axle road trailer for passenger cars as towing vehicle.
370 kVA Generating Set, with soot filter and soft starter, on a 2-axle trailer with twin tyres.
175 kVA 2-axle silenced heavy-duty Trailer for strip mining.
110 kVA Tandem-axle trailer. Generating Set designed for isolated operation at 50°C for 20h for a TV station in Saudi Arabia.
60 kVA Generating Set on a 1-axle trailer for a fire department in Central Germany
500 kVA Generating Set on a 2-axle trailer for the emergency power supply of a sewage treatment plant
85 kVA Generating Set on tandem-axle trailer for a pump station.
2 x 12,5 kVA Generating Sets on a 1-axle trailer for the power supply of port operation