Stationary Diesel Generators:
Emergency Generators and Power Stations

A wide variety of stationary plants for Power Generation

Here, the generating set respectively the emergency power system is designed for stationary application in buildings. As a minimum quality requirement, we define a so-called two-bearing design in connection with a welded steel frame. The system peripherals such as cooling, fuel supply, ventilation and exhaust gas discharge are individually designed and implemented. We are happy to face complicated tasks with difficult boundary conditions or approval situations.

1250 kVA Generating Set for a sewage treatment plant in north Germany.
2300 kVA Emergency Power Generating Set in a shopping center in Sofia.
2x1500 KVA Emergency Power Generating Sets, super-silenced.
2 x 1500 kVA emergency power station for a hospital in Berlin
4 x 1250 kVA standby Generating sets for a university hospital in south Germany
2 x 1250 kVA Generating sets with Mitsubishi engines in Libya
2 x 1250 kVA Emergency Power Generating Sets with Perkins engines
150 kVA Generating Set with Volvo engine for a shopping center
3 x 1650 kVA standby Generating Sets for a medical facility
1500 kVA standby Generating Set with soot filterfor an administrative building
3000 kVA Emergency Power Generating Set with MTU engine in Shanghai
4 x 3000 kVA Emergency Power Station for a sewage treatment plant in Jebel Ali.